More than 50 suppliers count on Sterimed. Conversely, we count on each of them. Our mutual success depends on providing our customers with the highest quality medical products, delivered accurately and on schedule. For this reason, we take a partnering approach with each of our suppliers.

We bring a great deal to our side of these partnerships, including experience, connections, and operational sophistication. Just as important, we offer our widely recognized expertise in product marketing, which enables us to help our partners communicate the benefits of their supplies and equipment to the market.

In turn, we expect a great deal from our suppliers. We choose each of our partners very carefully, selecting only those whose dedication to service, reliability, and sense of responsibility match our own. All our supplier partners, both new and old, must be able to help us meet the high expectations of our customers, expectations that reflect the high stakes of our industry.

If you are an interested supplier, please do contact us.